We welcome you to volunteer with our Club and there are a variety of ways to be involved. Below is a list of our committees positions. Please click on each Committee name for more details.

Board Positions

  • President(s)
  • Vice President(s)
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary

Nominating Committee

Membership Committee

Social Media Committee

Events/Activities Committee

  • Founder’s Day
  • Hail and Farewell
  • Tame the Beast
  • R-Day
  • Football Tailgate
  • Boodle
  • Holly Ball
  • Firstie Gifts

Bus Committee

Army-Navy Committee

Nominating Committee
The President appoints a nominating committee consisting of at least three members (one director and two members) each fall. The committee will select its chair and a slate of candidates to be presented to the membership prior to election at the annual spring meeting.

Membership Committee
Processes new memberships and manages membership data. Maintains a directory of current cadet families for all Members

Social Media Committee
Maintains the Club website and administers the Club’s social media.

Events/Activities Committee
Provides coordination and logistical support for all activities related to events that the club engages in throughout the year which are not already covered by other committees. This could include: recommending most appropriate dates for some events, identifying volunteers for sub-committees, identifying locations for events, provide general support, etc.

  • Founder’s Day – Coordinate with WPSNE (West Point Society of New England) to ensure we have appropriate levels of engagement and attendance at the Founder’s day event in March (can leverage the WPSNE Liaison as the chair for this sub-committee). This is our first opportunity to meet incoming cadet candidates and their families. It will often be the first time they are made aware that there is a parents’ club. We also have helped the WPSNE club by helping to set up the venue as well as contributing an item to their silent auction table.
  • Hail and Farewell – Plan and execute the Hail & Farewell social event to happen one or two weeks prior to R-Day. This event is a chance to engage incoming parents and cadet candidates shortly before they head to R-Day. We typically invite a current cadet to answer questions that the incoming cadet candidates may have. We also invite a 50-year affiliate class member to attend to make a formal welcome presentation.
  • Tame the Beast – Plan and execute the “tame the beast” event 3 weeks after R-Day. We time this event to coincide with the mid-way point of Beast as a way to get to know the new parents better. This is a social event usually held at a volunteer’s home and typically involves light snacks/refreshments.
  • R-Day – Plan and execute the “R-day” event which involves having club representation at the R-Day reception area. This event involves staffing a table in the R-day reception area of Ike Hall. The specific date varies from year to year.
  • Football Tailgate – Plan and execute the footbal tailgate event held each Fall at one of the home football games (identify the game/weekend, establish menu, set ticket price, procure a location on post, coordinate with any/all vendors)
  • Boodle – Coordinate all activities related to our efforts to provide a boodle box to each of the four classes over the academic year. This includes organizing the time and location for filling boodle boxes, getting volunteers to help, asking for contributions of items to go in the boxes (using something like signup genius to help), organizing the delivery to post, etc. Many volunteers make this lighter work but the chair of this subcommittee is playing the overall organizer role.
  • Holly Ball – Plan and coordinate all activities related to hosting the Holly Ball held in Boston at the end of December each year. West Point hosts every four years, but this sub-committee should be in place each year to understand the overall expectation for us when it is West Point’s turn to host.
  • Firstie Gifts – Coordinate all activities related to obtaining the flags and coins and distributing them to the Firsties prior to graduation

Bus Committee
Leads all activities related to providing a bus for cadets to/from West Point (coordinate with bus vendor, track signups, communicate bus status to parents/cadets, etc).

Army-Navy Committee
Leads all planning and coordination activities related to the Army/Navy football game. This has historically included pricing, recommending and procuring hotel blocks to be used by club members.

  • Hotel Sub-Committee – Procure discounted hotel room block
  • Tailgating Sub-Committee – Plan/coordinate tailgating activities