Plebe Parents

Welcome to the West Point Parent Community!

The following events are upcoming especially for you:

June 17
10 a.m- noon
“Hail and Farewell”
at St. Mary’s Church,
640 Main Street,
Shrewsbury MA
A WPPC-MA-hosted informational event for incoming plebes and parents.
June 26 Reception Day (R-Day) The “Big Day” when you drop your cadet.

Please see information provided directly to your cadet and on the various facebook pages and

July 15 “Tame the Beast”
Wareham, MA
A WPPC-MA-hosted party in the middle of “Beast.”  This is held on a Saturday (the day before your cadet will be allowed a phone call)
August 12 Acceptance Day (A-Day) The day the cadets join the rest of the corps of cadets.  A lovely day when the cadets can finally spend some time with you and get some much needed R&R.
October Parents’ weekend Special events and a home football game. The first time you can glimpse your cadet’s room in the barracks!
Early March weekend Plebe Parents’ weekend The plebes Spring break starts later than the others. They have USMA to themselves on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  Saturday night formal dinner is included for parents and cadets.  Cadets can depart on Sunday.


More information is on our Calendar page. And please join our Facebook Group West Point Parents Club of Massachusetts

More information about Plebe Parent weekend appears below.

Plebe Parent Weekend Activities

>>> Link to schedule of events<<<

Plebe Parent Weekend is a wonderful time, but expect to be pressed for time. You will be able to see and do things at West Point on this weekend that will not be repeated.


The weekend will be filled with conflicting choices. It might appear that the schedules are intended to conflict and make it impossible for you to decide. Just remember that there is a tremendous agenda to cover in a very short period of time. You won’t be able to do everything, so spend some time analyzing the schedule and prioritizing your choices.

Must Do Activities

There are a few activities which you should not miss, as you won’t get another chance while your cadet is at West Point.

  • Cadet Uniform Factory, Building 687; this is a great tour which is offered at no other time; at the end you can purchase Cadet Parkas and Blankets for very reasonable prices; don’t miss this great tour.
  • Department of Physical Education Demonstration.
  • Superintendent’s Welcome and Q&A Period.
  • Plebe Parent Review, The Plain.

See the USMA Plebe Parent Weekend FAQ page for more information.

Meals are available in the Cadet Mess, Washington Hall. YOUR CADET must purchase tickets for these meals.

Other Useful Information for New (and not so new) Parents

Training Programs – Having trouble keeping all those training acronyms straight?  Check out this useful guide (courtesy of GA parents club) that explains the summer training our cadets will take over their four years.  Remember that this is an unofficial guide.  Please contact the USMA if clarification or verification of their training programs is needed.