Congratulations the West Point Class of 2014

The WPPC-MA honored the Massachusetts West Point Class of 2014 by hosting a “Firstie Party”  to celebrate their accomplishments and pending graduation from the United States Military Academy.

During this gathering, the Club presented “Firstie Gifts” to the Cadets whose families were in attendance consisting of an American flag flown over the Capitol and a keepsake U.S. Silver Dollar minted at West Point in 2014.

The occasion was filled with Firstie parents sharing their favorite stories of their Cadet and West Point, words of advice for families with younger Cadets, and everyone enjoying delicious food and warm camaraderie among friends.

Special thank you to  Kathi Snook ‘80 (Sean ‘07, Kyle ‘08, Megan ‘11, Robert ‘14) for ordering the flags and coins.

Congratulations the West Point Class of 2014 on a job well done!



 Go Army, Beat Navy!