The Bus

The West Point Parents’ Club of Massachusetts arranges bus transportation for Cadets and Cadet Guests between Massachusetts and West Point during holidays when large numbers of Cadets are likely to be coming home. Generally, round trip transportation is provided for Labor Day and Columbus Day (when no football games are scheduled)  and Thanksgiving.  One way buses are provided for Winter Leave (return only), and Spring Break (return only).

PRICE:          Members:  $50.00/Each Way      Non-Members: $60.00/Each Way

NOTE – If a quota of Cadets is not met by 10 days prior to departure, the bus could be cancelled.  Refunds are only guaranteed if a cancellation is received two weeks prior to the the bus departure.

Important Announcement

Dear West Point Families:

Given the announcement about Winter release (all cadets being released on December 13 and most likely returning in a staggered fashion starting on January 11th), we have tentatively reserved a LARGE BUS for departure from West Point the morning of December 13 (or noon, whenever the cadets are released) to the two stops in Massachusetts.

We will be opening up for bus reservations in November.

Thank you, and please stay well!

KC Butt

How to Reserve Space on the Bus

Please read the following in its entirety.  There’s much information, but all of it is important!

When you are ready to purchase tickets, simply select the link to the relevant bus from the below schedule.  Links will activate a few weeks before the bus is scheduled to depart.

You no longer need to log into the WPPC-MA website before you register for the bus.   If you have an active club-membership, please select the Member rate.  This rate applies to your cadet, as well as any of their guests.  If you do not have an active club membership, please select the Non-Member rate.  If you are unsure of your membership status, contact Vin Sutera.

If you inadvertently select the wrong rate, the club will notify you to resolve your membership status, or will refund you the member discount, depending on the type of registration error.   You must select outbound / inbound bus rides separately.  We no longer offer a single round trip purchase option.

The club is now using PayPal as its primary payment option. When the registration takes you to PayPal, you have the option to pay with a PayPal account or with a credit/debit card.  If you need to pay by check please contact the Bus Coordinator.  You will receive an automatically generated email confirming your PayPal or credit card payment via PayPal. An email confirming your registration on the bus will be sent about a week before departure.  IF YOU DO NOT RECEIVE A PAYPAL RECEIPT WHEN YOU REGISTER OR A REGISTRATION CONFIRMATION EMAIL ONE WEEK PRIOR TO DEPARTURE, PLEASE CONTACT THE BUS COORDINATOR TO ENSURE YOU HAVE A SEAT ON THE BUS.

Parents:  if you wish to see the bus confirmation email, please be sure that your email address is added under the alternate email on the registration form. If you have not received a confirmation email, please check with your cadet to see if they have received it PRIOR TO contacting the bus coordinator.
Please EMAIL (no phone calls) the bus coordinator any change requests/cancellations in order to keep an accounting of them.

Bus Coordinator: KC Butt,

Arrival & Departure Information

To Massachusetts: Trophy Point, to 236 Route 15, Sturbridge, MA (adjacent to Mobil station) to Newton/Riverside MBTA station
To West Point:  Newton/Riverside MBTA station to 236 Route 15, Sturbridge, MA (adjacent to Mobil station) to Trophy Point

Departure from West Point depends on time of release from classes. The bus will stop in Sturbridge, at Exit 1 on Route 84 (236 Route 15, adjacent to the Mobil station) to drop off/pick up Cadets living in Western and Central Massachusetts. The Sturbridge stop is about 30 minutes from the Newton/Riverside MBTA station (303 Grove Street, Newton).

NOTE – The departure for the return to West Point WILL VARY depending on the holiday.  PLEASE note the departure time for the specific bus.  Cadets should be at the Riverside MBTA station (303 Grove St, Newton) 15 minutes prior to the scheduled departure as the bus will depart on time.  The bus will stop in Sturbridge, at Exit 1 on Route 84 (236 Route 15, adjacent to Mobil station) to pick up Cadets living in Central and Western Massachusetts about 30 minutes after departure.

2019 – 2020 Bus Schedule

Below is the tentative schedule, based on the WP academic calendar.  We will make updates closer to the time of each bus, as needed.  We will activate the relevant link closer to the scheduled departure.
One-Way bus.
9/2/19 –  12:00 pm Massachusetts to West Point.
Columbus Day
Round-trip bus.
10/11/19 4:00 pm – West Point to Massachusetts.
10/14/19 11:45 am – Massachusetts to West Point
11/26/19 4:30 pm – West Point to Massachusetts – TUESDAY
11/27/19 1:30 pm – West Point to Massachusetts – WEDNESDAY
12/01/19 11:45 am – Massachusetts to West Point
One-way bus.
01/05/2020 12:00 pm – Massachusetts to West Point
03/29/2020 12:00 pm – Massachusetts to West Point
Parent Contact: KC Butt @