Board Members and Contact Info

Board Members and other Volunteer Leadership Positions

Co – President Lisa Cariello ’25
Open Position
Contact Co-Presidents
Treasurer Kelly Nordby ’26 Contact Treasurer
Recording Secretary Kelly Jackson ’24 Contact Recording Secretary
Webmaster Melinda Rothstein ’24 Contact Webmaster
Transportation and Bus KC Butt ’23 Contact Transportation and Bus Coordinator
Membership/Carpool List Coordinator Melinda Rothstein ’24 Contact Membership Coordinator
Event Coordinators Open Position Contact Event Coordinators
Social Media KC and Mark Butt ’23 Contact Social Media Coordinators
Holly Ball Kelly Jackson ’24 Contact Holly Ball Liaisons
Open Position
Firstie Gifts Tracey Turco ’24 Contact First Gifts Coordinator
Army-Navy Game Hotel Alan Shute ’23 Contact Army-Navy Game Hotel Coordinator
West Point Society of NE Bill Colehower ’22 Contact WPSNE Liaison
Class of 2025 Liaison Anna LeMoure ’25 Contact Class of 2025 Liaison
Class of 2026 Liaison Open Position
Class of 2027 Liaison Open Position