Join or Renew your Membership Today!

You’ll be happy to see we’ve reduced our membership price.  The previous $50 annual membership fee ($200 over 4 years) has been reduced to a one time membership fee of $150; a lifetime savings of $50!  

For those that have already paid the $50 fee in the past, we’ve created the following one time renewal payments to cap your lifetime payment at just $150.

  • Any Class that already paid the Lifetime $150 fee.  You’re done!  Thanks!
  • Class of 2018 – Renewal ($0). You paid your $150 over the last 3 years.  You’re done, too!  
  • Class of 2019 – Renewal ($50) – this will bring your lifetime total to $150.
  • Class of 2020 – Renewal ($100) – this will bring your lifetime total to $150.
  • Class of 2021 – One- time payment ($150)

New parents please note your membership fee is refundable on the small chance that your cadet decides to leave West Point this year.

To join or renew expired memberships, use the PayPal button below.  The PayPal site let’s you pay with a PayPal account, or a major credit card.  If you’re not sure of your current membership status, please email Phil Bedard at   If you have not provided membership contact information in the past, please fill out and scan/email the membership information form at this link to Phil.

Membership Option
Cadet Name:


Membership Eligibility: WPPC-MA is open to anyone interested in enhancing the image of the United States Military Academy at West Point and supporting West Point cadets who are undergoing a rigorous academic and military training program. It is open to parents, relatives and friends of current or past cadets or anyone with an interest in West Point and its cadets. We offer support to our members, parents and all MA cadets/graduates through several club functions each year. We also support several services (i.e. bus transportation, football tailgating, New Cadet mentoring, etc.). The club also provides gifts and boodle to the MA cadets and deployed graduates on a regular basis. All cadets from Massachusetts benefit from the WPPC-MA. Your membership is greatly appreciated.

You must be a parent/guardian of a USMA cadet sponsored from MA or having graduated from a MA high school, or a resident of Massachusetts.  If this fee is a hardship, please contact the club Treasurer (confidential) at the email address listed here.

For those renewing, the club membership year ends/begins August 1.

Incoming Class of 2021 Parents:  Welcome!  Please send the following information to Phil Bedard ( as soon as possible:  Cadet name, parent name(s), parent phone(s), parent email, and parent address.  We’ll use this information to immediately put you on the club communication lists.  After your cadet has accepted his/her appointment, sign-up for Club Membership on this web-site.  And be sure to attend the WPSNE Founders Day event in the spring.  That will be the first opportunity for our club members to welcome your family in person.