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Fall 2021

Dear Supporter,

We are parents of the Massachusetts cadets attending USMA at West Point.  We represent the parents of the cadets and midshipmen of the five United States Service Academies.  We are writing to seek your support for the 2021 All-Service Academies Holly Ball.  The All-Service Academies Holly Ball is a New England tradition designed to encourage camaraderie among these fine young men and women.  This year, the Holly Ball is sponsored by the West Point Parent Association of Massachusetts.

These special young men and women have volunteered to serve our country for a minimum of nine years; first, as officers-in-training at their respective Academies, and then after graduation as active-duty military officers in many areas of conflict around the world.  In the years to come, they will serve on the land, on the sea, and in the air – guarding America’s interests with their dedication, their courage, and their lives.

All of our cadets and midshipmen have forgone a traditional college education and have chosen a far more rigorous and demanding regimen of life than their civilian counterparts. With its emphasis on self-sacrifice and military preparedness, academy life allows precious few opportunities for social events, and only limited time for cadets to spend with their families during their 4-year undergraduate program.

To help ease this burden, academy parent organizations from ME, NH, VT, MA, & RI jointly host one annual holiday event, the All-Service Academies Holly Ball for all cadets and midshipmen from the region. The 2021 event will be held on Thursday, December 30th at the AC Marriott, Worcester, MA. The All-Service Academies Holly Ball is one of the few, fun and formal occasions that many cadets and midshipmen will experience with their families before they are deployed to serve in crucial military assignments around the world within a year of their graduation.

All donations will be used first to support the event for the cadets and midshipmen.  Any net proceeds, after expenses of the Holly Ball, will go to a New England Veterans organization; which will be announced later.  In order to make a truly fun event, we are seeking financial support for this event through both individual donations and corporate sponsorships.  We are asking for your support for this event.  Please consider a donation, to help support the cadets and midshipmen of the US Service Academies. Please use the following links for your contributions:


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Thank you for your generosity and support, and please accept our sincerest wishes for a wonderful 2021 Holiday Season.


Kelly Jackson, P’24

Sheila Rosazza, P’22


West Point Parents Association of Massachusetts