2017 Silver Dollars Minted at West Point are Now Available

Each year the West Point Parents Club of MA honors each graduating Firstie from Massachusetts with a gift of an American flag that has been flown over the U.S. Capitol, and a 1oz silver American Eagle dollar that was minted at West Point during their year of graduation.  The silver dollar has a special meaning for the graduates as tradition dictates that they provide a silver dollar to the first person to render a salute to the new officer.  The silver dollar that the parents club provides to the new second lieutenants are symbolic gestures as, hopefully, they will keep them as a memento (as they are worth much more than $1 because of their composition).  All Class of 2016 MA cadets received a flag and a coin as a gift from the club at our Firstie celebration last March.

The silver dollar coins are available for purchase directly from the US Mint.  We thought that families might be interested in ordering the 2016 and/or 2017 1oz silver American Eagle dollars for yourself, your cadet or as gifts.  If you are interested, the coins are available at www.usmint.gov.   Some families have historically collected coins for each year that their cadet attends West Point.

If you are interested:

–  go to www.usmint.gov

–  click on “Coin Programs” then “American Eagle Coins”

–  look for the following coin:

–  American Eagle one ounce silver proof coin, minted at West Point with the “W” marking:                           $53.95

This coin sold out last year in December – so if you would like it, make sure to order early.