Great Time at the 2015 Holly Ball! Check out these photos.

Check out this link to the great pictures shown in the Boston Globe’s coverage of the Holly Ball held on Dec 27.

The Holly Ball is an evening for friends and family to gather together to celebrate and honor our cadets and midshipmen — young people who have chosen to forgo a traditional college experience in favor of one characterized by discipline and service to our country. It’s like a prom, but parents and guests can attend!

The Nation’s Service Academies demand much of these young people, and there are few opportunities for social gatherings where families and friend can join in celebrating their commitment and service. The Holly Ball is one such event.

The Holly Ball is annual event, so I hope you will join us for next year’s ball.  It is open to all, and is a very fun night of dining, dancing and networking with other midshipmen, cadets and their families.  Every year the host of the Holly Ball rotates between the Army, Air Force and Navy parent’s clubs.  Next year the event will be hosted by our own West Point Parents Club of Massachusetts.