2020 Holly Ball

2020 Holly Ball:

Each year, an “All Service” formal winter ball is held in Massachusetts (during the cadet/midshipman winter break).  The ball is attended by cadets/midshipmen from all five service academies, and their guests and their families.  (Dates are not required).  This year, the host is “Army/West Point”  meaning the WPPC-MA will be coordinating the event.  We have a small volunteer committee working on this, if you would like to help the committee plan this fun event, please send an email to the following three people:


Sheila Rosazza rsrosazza@charter.net
Barbara Fitzpatrick bjfitz57@hotmail.com
Valerie Evans valevans67@gmail.com


In the last few years, the Ball has been held in Boston at the Boston Seaport Hotel.  However, the hotel is undergoing major renovations, and so other venues are being considered, including non-Boston locations.  Please consider getting involved!